John Mappin

John Mappin is an international real estate, hospitality, construction and media entrepreneur. He is the seventh generation of the Mappin family to invest in innovative ways to deploy capital.

While his father, David Mappin, invested to develop the technologies that allowed the national treasure of North Sea Oil to benefit the people of the United Kingdom, John Mappin has taken the family into new areas of investment and innovation.

He has built a reputation as a hardworking, progressive and inspirational businessman with extensive philanthropic interests, particularly the field of education in free market economics, environmental restoration and conservation of the natural world.

John Mappin and his wife Irina-Kudrenok Mappin are the co-founders and originators of the global reforestation initiative that became the conceptual backbone and inception point of the current form of The Dutch Green Business, a publicly quoted main market listing on the Amsterdam exchange EURONEXT.

As principal shareholder of DGB and Chairman of the Guardianship Foundation of DGB John Mappin is dedicated to binging his experience of over 37 years of entrepreneurship and his family’s resources to help DGB flourish in its new mission.

In recent years the Mappin family has helped to lobby and champion the cause of reforestation and conservation initiatives politically. This has been done at the highest levels in the USA, the UK, China and in the CIS.

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